Steps to Excellent Water Well Maintenance

As the owner of a water well, it is important to take certain steps to maintain your well; your health and the quality of your drinking water is at stake. These steps will help you stay on the right track and ensure your water is safe to drink. 

Get Regular Well Checkups

First of all, a yearly water well inspection is a good start. Water well maintenance teams will make sure that the well and water pumps are in a good state of repair. They will check on the casing and covers to your water supply. When any of these are compromised, your water source can be exposed to a number of environmental contaminants, such as bacteria sources and heavy concentrations of chemicals and minerals. Be sure that you entrust the checkups and repairs to a qualified technician who will complete a thorough inspection.

Get Water Testing

Water testing is another important component of water well maintenance. The best way to ensure your water is of a high quality is to test it at the source. Water testing experts will recommend that you spot check you water by sending in samples to a lab at random times. The labs can test for chemicals, sediment, bacteria, and viruses, among other water quality issues. 

Do a Visual Inspection

You can sometimes catch issues before your inspections if you do a visual check on your equipment. Look at the condition of well covers especially to make sure the seal is not broken. 

Avoid Contaminating Your Supply

Another aspect of water well maintenance is simply making sure your groundwater supply isn't contaminated. That includes keeping agricultural chemicals away from the source of your water well. It means storing any possible contaminants in a secure shed, where they will not spill into the groundwater reserves. It also means separating concerns by keeping a septic system far from the source of your water well. 

Keep Records

Be sure to keep records of any maintenance or testing you do; that will help specialists figure out when water quality has changed, and what changes lead to the change. 

Add a Filter

Aside from keeping your water well in excellent condition, it doesn't hurt to have some sort of water filtration system on hand. A water filter is a great step to ensure that your other steps haven't failed; you may catch an issue after the fact, but your drinking water will still be safe if you have a water filter in place.