Untreated Substance Abuse Can Kill You, But It Doesn't Have To

Substance abuse is a frequently debated topic in today's society. Some mistakenly feel it is nothing but a lack of willpower, while others understand that it is a debilitating sickness, requiring professional help.

There is one generally accepted consensus that cannot be argued; serious addiction and substance abuse is life-threatening. Here are some steps you need to take if you feel you may have a problem with substance abuse.

Answer Five Questions – Honestly

There are thousands of pamphlets and questionnaires designed to analyze if someone is potentially an addict. However, answering these five simple questions can help determine if you might have a problem.

They are not difficult questions, but you must answer truthfully, applying rigorous honesty. As soon as you pause and have to think hard about your answer, or answer yes to any of these five questions, you need to seek a professional opinion.

1. Have you ever established a set amount to drink or use and invariably find you cannot prevent yourself from going over that amount?

2. Do you periodically fantasize about your next opportunity to drink or party?

3. Have you evaded personal commitments or responsibilities because either you consumed too much or so you could drink or use?

4. Have you ever made an earnest pledge to yourself to stop, or reduce your substance use, but found that you cannot?

5. Have you ever been determined to stop, and actually do so for some length of time, but find that you can never stay stopped?

Seek Professional Advice

There are some indications that people have the capacity to recover from an addiction using their own resources. The problem arises when people attempt to self diagnose the severity of their condition. What those outside of addiction fail to recognize when using statistics that support the effectiveness of self-treatment is that those individuals may not have an addictive personality at all.

Since recovery from addiction can be a life or death situation, it is not something that should be left to a haphazard self-diagnosis. Substance abuse professionals point out that the actual substance being abused plays a critical role in diagnosis. Some substances produce a stronger grip on you than others do.

Drug and alcohol addiction, if left untreated or incorrectly diagnosed, is life threatening. You need to seek the opinion of a substance abuse professional, such as Rick Williams Substance Abuse Professional. Your life may depend on it.

Relate and Identify

One of the most useful tools for successful lifelong recovery from any addiction is identifying with another person who can relate to your experience. Unfortunately, people who have no concept of an addictive personality cannot understand why addicts and alcoholics just don't stop or, better yet, control the amount you drink or use.

The problem resides in the mind of those who are stricken with substance abuse problems. There are moments when you may feel like you are the only person on earth who suffers from such a debilitating problem.

That is simply not true. There are literally millions of like-minded people trudging the road of recovery. It is imperative to your recovery that you seek out a group of people who identify and relate to your struggles. When you do, you'll never have to be alone in your recovery again.

Addiction to substances can destroy your life before you even realize it's happened. There are indicators that present themselves, and if you are honest with yourself, can save your life. Ask yourself those five simple questions, and if you have any doubt whatsoever, seek the advice of trained substance abuse professional. Your life may depend on it.